Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Feature Creep or Vision work?

Ok so now I have made this rather horrible video with the robot band. This had a series of interesting consequences. One is that I now feel the urge to refine the music so it shows off the individual talents of the robots better. If I go for this I'll have to make some major rearrangements so they all play solos, Doppz is missing his synt-bass solo, which is a quite rare beatie anyway. And Some cool synchronized solos would be interesting between the guitar robot and the keyboard robot.

After the rearrangement would be done which is an effort of several evenings of work at least I will have to make a new video which shows these new scenes.

Since I have no practical limit on the ambition of the production other than doing it for the fun of it I will categorise this type of work as product iterations. The music would be iterated farther to fit a more well defined vision.

If I did have a set of measurable ambitions and, not that it would happen but if, the work already qualified as sufficient I would call this type of further iteration as overly ambitious or feature creep.


  1. I have been struggling with the distinction of feature creep and vision work. My background is a bit different, and therefore the approach to the problem is also a bit different.

    One of the most distinguishing features of feature creep vs vision work is from where the initiative is introduced. A feature creeps are most likely to be suggested because it is possible, where vision work is suggested because it is wanted.

  2. Wanted by who is my natural question then.

    Feature Creep would appear wanted by whoever finds it possible. A common consequence of feature creep is the side effect of getting an overly ambitious scope and thereby needing to force the development through a defect prone process.

    Vision Work should in my opinion always be within a flawless context. It is fine while you have headroom for improvement, but if you run out of room you rather want to also reduce the vision, in my example perhaps by cutting the silly robot song in half, rather than trying to refine the full length of the thing.