Saturday, September 26, 2009

Feedback pipelines

Game production use the word ”pipeline” for the technology and behaviors needed for adding data to the end product. This is a great and useful component to the iterative process. There is a system which can be optimized for speeding up the time needed to change the data from one state to another. I have no real idea of how much of the budget for a large scale production goes into developing this pipeline. I guess it is significant and well motivated.

Now to the point of the argument, the investment made in the feedback pipeline is most likely much smaller for most game projects. This is not well motivated and I believe it surfaces as a tremendous cost, for successful project it means your staff needs to be incredibly competent and able to manage implicit iteration without excessive waste. For failed projects it is the one major cause for failure.

I knowingly use very strong words here because I want the notion challenged so I learn something useful from it.

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