Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Drumming up value

So Tricklock is busy drumming away at an experimental space ballad as performed by Spaceforce. It runs at 90 bpm and tries to convey a bit of what goes on inside robots as they travel through space towards unknown alien civilisations. Having decided that Tricklock is not going to complain at his sound I can use him as a kind of infrastructure on which the rest of the song is built.

There are some problems which reduce productivity towards a useful result and they are hidden beneath the ability to change the arrangement around when need arise. I end up doing a lot of something I will call "backwards sequencing" which means that I realize the result will be better if I go back and shuffle the rythmic infrastructure to satisfy the needs of the other band members, mainly Schmooth who is the keyboard player.

This makes me think that I will need to work on Schmooth next so I can determine which parts of Schmooth and Tricklock needs to be in agreement on how the song infrastructure really operates before any large amount of work is sunk into details that require rearrangement of the core structure. I am expecting Schmooth to have 4 roles to fill with varying impact on core structure. Having a steady drummer who can tell the keyboard player how things should work will hopefully make this upcoming job a lot easier than creating the drummer was. If that is true then Tricklock already prove some type of value.

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