Monday, April 20, 2009

A Flawless Piece

Now I spent the weekend finishing and testing Tricklock.

This means that I will from now on accept any remaining defects within the construction of Tricklock as a part of his "personality" rather than try to fix it. I think this is a relevant insight to all kinds of production. Included within the piece of Tricklock came various prototype implementations of the other band members.

I could claim that the other band members are implemented to a functional cheap implementation. From here I have the option to use the "maintain multiple options" and actually make a production based on the prototypes which would sound reasonably decent. I have on the other hand identified the need to formalize the data set behind the other band members into modules which I can load easily to reproduce them.

To create these modules I will need to invest much time in infrastructure, and since I always aim to balance all effort against user value I will also add some time to refining the content of the modules for an even better result.

I wonder if I can uplaod sound files to this blog for the documentation of this process...


  1. A bit trixy, but here is a guide on howto add sound to a bloggspot blog.

  2. I'll have to take a look at that someday :D